Vor unserer Entscheidung für Lobster haben wir mit bis zu 10.000 unterschiedlichen Workflows gearbeitet – für jeden Kunden und jeden Lieferanten einen! Durch Lobster_data konnten wir diese Zahl auf weniger als 100 senken

Michael Wohlgemuth,
Abteilung EDI/eCommerce, Gerry Weber


With the help of our Lobster_data software, we helped fashion brand Gerry Weber bring its electronic data communication in line with its international expansion plans.

One of the biggest challenges for the customer was effectively managing the continual expansion of EAI and EDI in an international setting. The rising need for interfaces along with the growing demands associated with managing them and a lack of transparency due to the third-party solution for processing protocols such as SFTP or AS2 were causing problems.

Not only were we able to meet all of Gerry Weber’s requirements ‘in one interface’, the number of EDI workflows was reduced drastically, and all mapping tasks were brought back in-house. The internalisation of these operations helped the company to foster more process-related expertise within its teams, improving transparency – which was further enhanced through Lobster_data’s integrated central monitoring for rapid troubleshooting and error resolution. What’s more, the designer is now able to automatically send invoices via web services and include a JAVA extension for integrating niche data formats.

  • Globally operating fashion and lifestyle group
  • Distribution networks spanning more than 60 countries, 500 own stores and sales areas, 240 franchise stores and branded online shops in 9 countries
  • 2,100 employees worldwide
  • Ongoing EDI/EAI expansion driven by global expansion strategy
  • Exponential rise in the number of required interfaces causing IT management challenges
  • Opaque third-party solution as a black box for implementing protocols such as SFTP or AS2
  • All boxes ticked with one interface
  • Significantly less EDI workflows needed
  • Reintegration of all mapping processes for a deeper in-house understanding of processes and increased transparency
  • Central monitoring for rapid error detection and resolution
  • Automated dispatch of invoices using web services
  • Optional JAVA expansion for integrating rare formats


  • Informix DB
  • MySQL
  • Crossgate

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