Both the Support and Consulting teams were pivotal to the success of our project. I can wholeheartedly recommend Lobster and Lobster_data, in particular, to other companies.

Brian Kofoed
CTO, hummel


As a software provider, we supported Danish sportswear company hummel in optimising its company-wide data integration. Challenges ranged from the lack of connectivity between the e-commerce system and the PoS to insufficient data on stock availability to the inconvenience of being unable to have customers collect online orders from the PoS.

By introducing Lobster_data, hummel saw a range of improvements. The connectivity between hummel’s 10 in-house systems improved significantly and the four legacy systems were all replaced with one single solution – namely Lobster_data. The central middleware is now able to receive vast volumes of EAI and EDI data before converting and forwarding it. The actual implementation time for the software was so fast and efficient, the company was able to cut its time-to-market by 50% and come in under budget on the forecast project costs.

  • Sports fashion
  • HQ in Aarhus/Denmark
  • Worldwide presence
  • 240 employees
  • No connection between e-commerce
    and point of sale (PoS)
  • No automated updates on current inventory levels available for PoS
  • PoS not able to send automated stock level updates to e-commerce system
  • Direct processing and collection of customer orders at PoS not possible
  • Significantly aumented connectivity between the 10 systems in place at hummel
  • Lobster_data to replace four different legacy systems
  • Lobster_data responsible for receiving, converting and sending countless EAI & EDI files as a central middleware
  • Rapid implementation of new solution with a 50% reduction in time-to-market resulting in savings on the planned project costs

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