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Lobster supports digital transformation through software solutions that unite the underlying data and processes, rather than treat them as separates. A one-stop shop for data integration and process automation. Lobster is making digitalisation simple, scalable and secure. As a no-code platform, it epitomises digital change. Create applications without code! Think digital! Not just in your IT team. But in the entire company. That’s how Lobster does digital transformation.

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Investing in innovation labs or start-ups is all well and good. But digitalising your core business is what actually fosters long-term growth. When partners connect and build a digital ecosystem. Thanks to data integration and process automation. So let’s take a look why you need digital transformation:


Seamlessly digitalising and automating customer-centric processes improves communication. And enhances the customer experience. End-to-end. Customers expect short response times and reliable information. Even if processes span multiple systems.


Digitalisation and digital solutions help machines handle routine tasks & processes more effectively than humans can. And allow for easy, automated parallel processing that’s faster, time-zone independent and less error-prone. Free up resources.


Improve the digital skill set of your employees and redirect internal resources for development – all thanks to digital transformation. Out of the ivory tower and head first into a no-code mindset. Because no code enables you to build apps without coding skills. Speeds up digital projects, avoids outsourcing issues and cuts costs.


Digital ecosystems that connect business partners via one innovative platform solution collect shared intelligence. And use data integration and process automation to find flexible solutions for rapidly changing market conditions and global challenges.


Processes become transparent with digital technology. Smart sensors, apps and scanners, for example, deliver information in real time. Across all transactions, the entire supply chain, for all partners. For you. And more transparency means a clearer perspective. Means intelligent data analyses for well-founded decision-making.


Because digital transformation based on data integration and process automation only adds value if people, things and systems are able to communicate seamlessly. If digitalisation becomes second nature.


Sharing information digitally? Internally and externally? No problem! On-premise. But above all with a growing number of cloud-based services. Private cloud or iPaaS. Enable secure, digital communication through cross-system networking.


Request all manner of information about machines, goods and transport from anywhere? Of course! A digitally connected infrastructure supports good decision-making, timely responses and proactive planning.


You don’t just want to collect data, you’re also looking to process and visualise your information to support decision-making? Absolutely! Bring your employees and partners on board. Make digitalisation and digital transformation tangible. Because this creates enthusiasm for data integration, process automation and no-code tools.

DATAPROCESSES CONNECTIVITY. DATA MANAGEMENT. INFORMATION FLOWS. PROCESS AUTOMATION. PROCESS MODELLING INTERFACES/PORTALS. Implementing a digital ecosystemControl and traceability People as part of the digital world Processes without integration Gateway to the world of digital Trust in data Data-centric approach Connections, quality, dependencies Process-centric approach Conditions, participants, consistency WHY LOBSTER? The integrated platform for your data and processes.
DATAPROCESSES CONNECTIVITY. DATA MANAGEMENT. INFORMATIONSFLÜSSE PROCESS AUTOMATION. PROCESS MODELLING OBERFLÄCHEN/PORTALE Implementing a digital ecosystemControl and traceability People as part of the digital world Processes without integration Gateway to the world of digital Trust in data Data-centric approach Connections, quality, dependencies Process-centric approach Conditions, participants, consistency (MIT) LOBSTER? WARUM WARUM Schluss mit der getrennten Behandlung von Daten und Prozessen. Lobster kommt aus der Integration und kann Integration. Nur dank dieser Erfahrung hat Lobster eine ganzheitliche, skalierbare Technologie-Plattform geschaffen. Und die ist einmalig!
Schluss mit der getrennten Behandlung von Daten und Prozessen. Lobster kommt aus der Integration und kann Integration. Nur dank dieser Erfahrung hat Lobster eine ganzheitliche, skalierbare Technologie-Plattform geschaffen. Und die ist einmalig!


Gateway to the world of digital

For companies wanting to extend their technological lead, easy access to data in all of its forms is key. To this end, decision-makers should be looking to invest in a platform solution that connects their internal systems (EAI/ETL), external systems (EDI), cloud systems (APIs/hybrid integration), things (IoT) and machines (Industry 4.0) from outset and throughout. Lobster takes this very approach, ensuring that conventional EDI processes, e.g. processing delivery notes, have access to continuously updated information. Even during transport, the temperature, humidity and storage data, for example, is made available using sensors. Although integration projects initially only affect a portion of the bigger picture, eliminating all isolated endpoints and silos should be the ultimate strategic goal.


Trust in data

High data quality and data integrity are essential for managing a seamlessly interconnected ecosystem. So the data it generates can be trusted. This renders removing duplicates and defining update and access rights integral to data quality assurance, for example. In order to guarantee data integrity, dismantling data silos is key, avoiding different versions of identical data records and making sure up-to-date information isn’t overwritten with old data, for example. Traditionally, either analytical (OLAP) or transactional (OLTP) systems have been used to make this happen. But only a comprehensive solution integrating both systems allows for transactional data to be transferred in real time for data analysis so operational decisions can be based on the results of intelligent algorithms. Lobster walks exactly this line.


Control and traceability

The more different endpoints there are, the more complex dependencies become. However, integration platforms that only focus on data connectivity or data management lack a meaningful transaction concept which explicitly supports dependencies between individual data flows, persistence points and long-running processes. Similarly, in view of corporate requirements, it is imperative not to scrimp on detailed logging, debugging and monitoring options. For this reason, Lobster makes sure that information flows can be controlled and traced both internally and externally.


People as part of the digital world

The first step of many digitalisation projects is designing a user interface. The goal is to integrate employees, customers and business partners into the world of digital - by way of providing status overviews, uploading documents or manually entering data. However, before the GUI design can add any value, all underlying processes and systems must be completely integrated ahead of time. Because developing applications without a suitable automation and integration strategy often spells long reaction times for users. However, if E2E digitalisation is a success, portals can modernise existing system landscapes without having to replace them. To the benefit of their users. Exactly as planned.


Processes without integration

Um den hohen Analyseaufwand bei BPM-Projekten zu vermeiden, haben sich in den letzten Jahren viele Unternehmen für schnell zu implementierende Automatisierungstechnologien wie RPA entschieden. Allerdings gibt es auch bei RPA Nachteile, denn Stand-Alone-Bots begünstigen Fragmentierung. Eine Architektur mit Brüchen ist jedoch extrem teuer, lässt sich manchmal weder modifizieren noch skalieren und behindert letztendlich digitale Transformation. Um fragmentierte Prozesse zu optimieren, sollten Unternehmen daher ihre clientbasierte RPA-Technologie möglichst gegen APIs und serverseitige Integrationen austauschen (s. Konnektivität). Es ist natürlich richtig, zunächst nur einzelne Aufgaben zu automatisieren und Schritt für Schritt vorzugehen – allerdings immer im Kontext durchgängiger Prozesse und über Digital Process Automation (DPA) als skalierbare Technologie.


Implementing a digital ecosystem

Without a comprehensive strategy, silos will continue to grow and gaps between the various front-end channels, back-end processes and the data itself will only get bigger. An iDPA platform, on the other hand, seamlessly connects people, business processes, systems and things, creating a digital, interconnected ecosystem. In this context, the term ecosystem may stand for a department, a company, an individual value chain or even entire industries. Using this integrative technology, Lobster is not only able to connect everyone or everything and to adapt flexibly to individually optimised processes. It also prevents costly and time-consuming duplication of effort. Now that’s added value for any company!


Lobster is taking a fresh, holistic approach to leveraging your digital transformation end to end. By finally putting an end to dealing with data and processes as separates. Making your digital transformation easy. After all, Lobster started with integration. It’s in our genes, it’s what we do. And our innovative no-code platform solution is the product of this experience and expertise. Simple. Secure. Scalable. Lobster offers:

  • fully compatible digital building blocks
  • one concept for IT security, monitoring and governance
  • no more replacing, but complementing legacy systems
  • high usability thanks to central user concept
  • scalable implementation of your digitalisation strategy




No-code software solutions are the most flexible and secure way to implement your digital transformation strategy rapidly and intelligently. Not a fad, but a future-proof plan. Because no-code platforms drive digital transformation projects using visual technologies and preconfigured building blocks. Configure rather than program!

  • Simple, direct and speedy. No-code solutions enable business users to share their knowledge creating applications as citizen developers.
  • Flexible, practical and customisable. No-code technology adapts to your processes and systems – and not vice versa.
  • Agile, scalable and secure. No-code platforms allow you to implement the individual changes you want to see in your business. Step by step.
Efficiency Flexibility
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„Lobster helped us automate our processes end-to-end and integrate our existing system landscape without any issues. Thanks to their no-code approach we are also able to flexibly and quickly respond to different market demands.“
Gartner KG,
Markus Fürlinger | Gartner KG



Digitalisation – no matter how.

You want flexibility in the cloud? Integrate ready-made interfaces, processes and apps? Advice? Not a problem. Simply add Lobster’s Self-Service, Mapping & Consulting or Managed Services to your order.


Digitalisation – no matter where.

You want to implement Lobster’s delivery and service models across different locations? Digital communication without borders? Not a problem. Choose the model that works best at each site. On-premise. Private cloud. Or iPaas.


Digitalistion – no matter when.

You’re looking to keep things flexible? Not a problem. You can swap to a different model at any time. And adapt to the current requirements of your digital transformation journey.


Digital transformation: customised, end-to-end, flexible.

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