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Application Development with Lobster_pro.

Application development is the process of building and adjusting platform-agnostic business applications. A costly and labour-intensive process. Not with Lobster_pro. Make your application development:

With Lobster_pro, teams can now develop even the most complex applications independently without having to write a single line of code. No miscommunications. No discontinuities. And always built to spec.


With Lobster_pro: what you see is what you get. Everything is possible even if your team has no coding skills. Create your own applications with simple configurations in a visual setting. Lobster_pro is perfect for beginners as well as experienced users. In any process environment.

Rapid Prototyping & MVP Development

Lobster_pro is easy-to-use and can be rapidly implemented, so prototypes and MVPs can be created in record time.

Straightforward Interface Connectivity

Thanks to embedded Lobster_data, it is easy to connect APIs and integrate various third-party systems and partners. For example, additional functions and data can be integrated into applications.

Rapid Data Modelling

Thanks to graphical data modelling, database structures and backend services can be created and expanded without manual coding.

Tests & Debugging

Sophisticated testing and debugging functions enable seamless testing in order to carry out validations and recognise and handle possible errors. Directly in the creation process.

Visual Development Environment

The visual development environment makes it possible to quickly create applications using drag-and-drop tools and visual elements without having to rely on code. This significantly speeds up the development process and simplifies the implementation of user interfaces.

Lobster_pro in Action.

Embrace seamless digitalisation and automation with Lobster_pro. This highly flexible tool supports and streamlines your business processes, enabling easy integration of partners and custom solution building. Install with minimal risk and maintain complete control throughout.


If you want to digitalise your business end-to-end, you’ll need to think of your IT systems and processes as one, putting people at the heart of your system. This approach sets a high bar for any individual software. Lobster_pro allows you to integrate your systems yourself and include your users in your processes using independently configured applications. For every task. Every process. Every team. Every department. Every business unit.

No-Code Drag & Drop

An intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop functionality means you can easily integrate users, elements and functions within your application – no code needed.

Predefined Building Blocks and Templates.

Lobster_pro offers a variety of predefined building blocks, modules and templates that can be used as a starting point to quickly create your applications.


Step by step. Process by process. With Lobster_pro, you can build your own customised solution. Or commission Lobster to configure your solution. A mix of both is often the ideal solution.

Clients & Granular Permissions

Lobster_pro can serve any number of independent “clients”. The multi-client capability allows multiple users to use one software instance simultaneously. Each user is treated as an independent client and therefore has access to their own, isolated view and user environment. With individually defined rights.

Look & Feel

What You See Is What You Get.


Every business. Every sector. Easy. Fast. And powerful.


End-to-end, intuitive and versatile. Lobster_pro unlocks incredible efficiencies without limiting your creativity. And our customers, who use Lobster_pro for a wide range of use cases, couldn’t agree more.

Portal Solutions

Easily create personalised portals for customers, suppliers or employees. Lobster_pro makes it easy to integrate data, processes and applications into user-friendly interfaces. Your portal, your access to the digital world.
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Control of internal processes

Manage master data, optimise time slots and resources and get an effortless overview through intelligent dashboards & reports with Lobster_pro. Automate maintenance orders and let your processes flow.
Control and efficiency in one software.
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Business Applications

Optimise your business applications with Lobster_pro. Our software makes it easy to design and connect powerful applications and adapt them to the specific needs of your company.
Customised solutions for successful work.
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Process Automation

Increase your efficiency by automating recurring and time-consuming processes. Lobster_pro automates processes intelligently, reliably and adaptably so that you can concentrate on more important tasks.
Less effort, more success.
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Logistics Processes

With Lobster_pro, your logistics processes become more transparent, flexible and efficient. Manage supply chains, stock levels and transport routes seamlessly and in real time to maximise customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs.
Logistics at the next level.
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