Case Studies.

No matter if you call them use cases, success stories or case studies – they’re all examples that make theory tangible! They don’t just show the solution. They explain how the customer went from A to B. From problem to a specific solution with a little help from the right software. For every industry and companies of all sizes. Every problem and every product.

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Both the Support and Consulting teams were pivotal to the success of our project. I can wholeheartedly recommend Lobster and Lobster_data.”

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“We’re delighted to have found a (…) versatile integration solution in Lobster_data. It’s just as integral to our set-up as our SAP systems.”

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“Lobster_data is one of the most integral systems in our entire company! And the price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable.”

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“We are now able to offer our customers great services at affordable prices. (…) Lobster_data will sort it quickly, transparently and reliably.”

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“Not having to licence every minor change was a huge selling point when choosing Lobster_data. (…) Lobster simply offers a better product.”

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“Lobster_pro has allowed us to automate our products, thus significantly increasing the quality and efficiency of our logistics.”

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“We’ve been using the Lobster_pim system for some time now. (…) The solution’s process automation options massively streamline the unique data challenges of PIM operations.“

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“Lobster was the obvious choice for optimising our workflows due to their holistic technological approach and the associated cost efficiencies.”

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