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Logistics Cloud:
Simple. Standardised.

See your supply chain digitalised as never before. Thanks to the Logistics Cloud platform, any business – no matter its size – can now become an equal partner in the supply chain, at a cost-effective price point. Save yourself the hassle of tediously maintaining numerous direct connections and take advantage of what our Marketplace and third-party apps have to offer. With Logistics Cloud you’re in control of your supply chain. It’s easy. Secure and transparent. Classic Lobster.

All supply chain partners.
On board.

Seamless, vertical data integration between all supply chain partners is the future of logistics. A more transparent supply chain with higher data quality and straightforward linking of partners? Child’s play, thanks to Logistics Cloud. Standardised. Cost-effective. Fast. Available as a subscription.

#1 Supply chain visibility
360° visibility of the entire supply chain thanks to a Control Tower with E2E tracking and alerting.
#2 Proof of delivery
Proof of delivery with paperless, digital document recording (barcode scanning) using the Telegram app.
#3 Monitor sensitive freight
Integration of telematics and IoT data for monitoring sensitive and perishable cargo using temperature, humidity and vibration sensors. Map view. Live ETA calculations.
#4 Cross-border e-commerce
Comes with customs status messages and item-level tracking.
Participant benefits.
Uniform. Connected. Simplified.
Your advantages as a partner.


Global transparency across all modes of transport. E2E in real time.
As detailed as necessary, as versatile as possible. Respond proactively and flexibly at all times thanks to a constant stream of up-to-date information.


Become a digital partner of the shipping industry by connecting to the cloud. Receive information faster avoiding double entries,
integrate sub-partners into the network, bridge information gaps, meet new customer requirements, offer your own digital services.


Stay on top of things thanks to direct and early transmission of highly detailed information. Connect with subcontractors to digitalise comprehensively – whether long-haul or last-mile.


All necessary information is available on time thanks to constant, consistent and rapid provision of data – allowing you to anticipate events and optimise your forward planning. Plus – you can also advertise your digital services easily via the Marketplace.


  • No limits.
    With Logistics Cloud you can do away with the restrictions of legacy systems. But keep using them as you please. As a matter of course.
  • Simple connectivity.
    A tech-oriented approach based on a clean, standardised, scalable data core with market-leading API technology: no-code. Because Lobster’s winning formula is built on configuration rather than programming.
  • Bundled information.
    Multimodal transport chains involve a great many different players. And quite a few of them are service providers: forwarders, shipping companies, airlines, terminal operators. Logistics Cloud lets you create one seamless system. A balanced, coherently connected supply chain.
  • Forward-thinking in real time.
    Digital logistics services made simple. Even those from third-party providers and other cloud platforms. One marketplace for all data-driven services: IoT, customs, insurance, data analysis, artificial intelligence.
  • Highest security. Guaranteed
    Logistics Cloud is based on a robust IT infrastructure. Built with global technology partners. Made in Germany.
  • Reliable, resilient data.
    Data maintained in different systems is heterogeneous. Not to forget that legacy systems are mostly based on manual processes. So standardise your structures in Logistics Cloud. Invest in resilient data. Become less vulnerable to change. To delays. Or crises. Rely on detailed and transparent information to get the most out of your business.
  • On one central platform.
    A large network. All on one single platform. More than 20 shippers and 50 forwarders are already seeing the benefits – 300 more are interested. A powerful, straightforward hub.
  • Lots of experts. One team.
    Our team is made up of data integration, EDI and process automation experts. Young talents working together with successful managers. Together, we stand for ground-breaking technology. That will elevate you to the next level of digitalisation.
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Always the
sweetest story.

„With Logistics Cloud, we have increased our tracking information by 12 percent for our inbound shipments, whilst also being able to cut down on our manual tracking overheads for more than 5,000 transactions. We strongly believe that Logistics Cloud will continue to improve the transparency of our logistics network.
Dr. Harald Kolbe | Head of Digital Innovation | Lufthansa Technik Logistik GmbH
„Logistics Cloud has finally given us direct access to platform-based information from all players along the entirety of the supply chain. By relying on just one channel, we have been able to cut time and costs previously associated with EDI whilst achieving a more flexible set-up. This flexibility has allowed us to sustainably reduce transport costs and increase delivery reliability and transparency.
Bernhard zur Strassen | Vice President Network Design & Transportation | Schaeffler AG
„Logistics Cloud keeps all supply chain partners updated with shipping information across all modes of transport with an unprecedented level of detail. We are simply thrilled with how extraordinarily easy and fast it is to connect with our partners. We are also very happy with this solution’s carrier-independent approach which is allowing us to reach the next level of digitalisation with the logistics sector and the wider transport industry.
Boris Hueske | Head of Digital Transformation | Lufthansa Cargo AG

Ready for the digital world thanks to one, single connection.

After signing up to Logistics Cloud and being approved, participants are granted access to their new digital home and are ready to go. From the word go. Communication partners can be added at the click of a button. For easy networking. If a company is not yet integrated – not a problem. Our team at Lobster Logistics Cloud GmbH are on hand to establish the connection at your request.

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    Data protection
    We, Lobster GmbH (Registered business address: Germany), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.