Wool is a high-quality product, so customers are keen to know how it has been made. Lobster_pro collects all the relevant data and makes it accessible to customers via a QR code on the garment. Giving everyone peace of mind.

Maurice Weber, Head of Technical Consulting, Lobster PRO


As a leading software provider for data integration and process automation, we suggested Südwolle Group use Lobster_pro to optimise the production and distribution of their wool apparel, spanning from sheep farming to shop floor. This transition would also meet its end consumer’s need for supply chain transparency.

The challenges facing the manufacturer were manifold before introducing Lobster_pro. The company’s process chain comprised numerous repetitive individual steps simply due to the need to repeatedly check certain conditions such as animal welfare, fair pay and environmental considerations. In addition, many process participants used different data formats, which prevented the Südwolle Group from integrating all data seamlessly.

There was no need to install the solution on each individual computer. Instead, the company set up Lobster_pro on its own server, so access is exclusively browser-based access which streamlines the login process. In addition, the new software allows for automated data transfers and has improved both the integrity and the availability of the data significantly. The incredible visibility of data in the online portal and the availability of drag & drop features further enhance the software’s usability with another positive outcome being fewer incorrect entries along the entire supply chain. Lobster_pro also collates all the information customers care about (animal welfare, health and safety, environmental protection, living wage) and makes the data available to customers buying Südwolle products via a QR code attached to the garment.

  • Textile finisher and worsted manufacturer
  • Part of erwo holding
  • HQ near Nuremberg
  • 13 sales offices, 10 manufacturing sites
  • 3,200 employees
  • 750 t production capacity p.a. •
  • Little transparency when tracking individual steps in yarn production
  • Complex process chains with numerous individual steps and participants
  • Use of a wide range of data formats
  • Lobster_pro installed on in-house server with subsequent browser-only access; eliminating the need for individual computer installation
  • Automated data transfer with improved data integrity
  • Notably improved availability of data
  • Data visible via online portal, enhanced via drag & drop
  • Complete transparency across entire supply chain
  • Enhanced information availability for customer via a generated QR code
    and thus optimised CX

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