We continue to be in awe of just how powerful Lobster_pro and Lobster_data truly are. We can generally process new requirements within 2 days. That wouldn’t be possible without Lobster. Our flexibility has increased exponentially but we’ve actually saved time and cut costs, too.

Dietmar Quatember, IT Division Manager, Salinen Austria


As one of Europe’s leading salt companies, Salinen Austria had run into a number of issues: inefficient interface connections, lacking flexibility due to a non-scalable standardised software solution, expensive stand-alone tools and exorbitant consultancy overheads.

The Lobster_pro software was the ideal solution for addressing these pain points and was soon installed on a dedicated server, ensuring the tool only offered browser-based access for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

The electricity price monitoring system introduced at Salinen Austria is a great example of how the Lobster_pro solution can add significant value by bringing clever customer ideas to life. By creating an interface to the external energy supplier using Lobster_data (embedded) and forwarding the price information to Lobster_pro, electricity costs are mapped and analysed by visualising all relevant information. Cost fluctuations can be considered, the results exported as a presentation for sharing with teams so data can inform future decision-making. Since then this forward-thinking approach has not only cut costs, but also saved time. Lobster_pro is able to offer Salinen Austria much more than ‘just’ lower electricity bills.

  • One of Europe’s leading salt companies
  • HQ and production sites near Salzburg (A), eight sales offices across Europe
  • Extraction of 4 M. cubic meter of salt p.a.
  • Production and transformation of 1.2 M. t of salt p. a. (table salt, pharmaceutical salt and industry salt)
  • Inefficiency due to many different interfaces as well as heterogeneous applications and data formats
  • Legacy software allowing for very limited flexibility only
  • Excessive cost due to expensive tailor-made software
  • Important expenses originated by external consultancy need
  • Important time burden during proyect implementation and monitoring of existing processes
  • Installation of Lobster_pro on the customer’s own server with subsequent access via the browser only; individual computer installation is no longer required
  • Use case ‘Monitoring of electricity tariff’:
    • Setting up an interface to the external electricity supplier via Lobster_data (embedded)
    • Entering information and further processing of price related data in Lobster_pro
    • Visualising and analysing costs
    • Agile planning of future proyect implementation and maintenance
    • Consideration of price fluctuations
    • Export of analysis results in presentation mode

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