Lobster_data is so easy to use, that we now take care of the entire mapping ourselves. This makes us more independent of external EDI providers, allowing us to stay in control of our data and cut costs.

Michael Laupichler,
Head of system administration, Karl Hess


Our Lobster_data software allowed us to offer the plastics and tool manufacturing specialist Hess a holistic solution for its previously heterogeneous IT landscape.

Hess’s challenges stemmed from the incompatibility of multiple ERP systems within their landscape as well as time-consuming troubleshooting and error resolution processes in combination with the incompatibility of the legacy system and the company’s international expansion plans.

We were able to offer the company a solution that offered a range of benefits: transparent, flexible and scalable data exchange; the inclusion of a large selection of formats and protocols as standard; a central monitoring tool; the ability to consider deadlines and receive warnings in case of field errors and faulty EDI settings (e.g. delivery note to be sent before delivery). The option to have non-IT experts deliver their data integration strategy using a single no-code tool allowed Hess to quickly drive the transition from VDA to EDIFACT. Now, the company can now convert over 40,000 data sets every month.

  • Plastics and tool manufacturing specialist
  • Part of the Groupe Plastivaloire with 22 locations around the world
  • Manufacturing volume of 6000 t plastic annually
  • 27,000 sq m production and storage facilities
  • 600 employees
  • Lack of compatibility between the various ERP systems
  • Complex error identification and resolution process
  • Inflexible legacy system hindering
    international growth strategy
  • Transparent, flexible and scalable data integration
  • Huge range of formats and protocols available as standard
  • Central monitoring, adherence to deadlines and alerts in case of field errors or faulty EDI processes (e.g. delivery note before delivery)
  • Non-IT staff implementing no-code data integration
  • Rapid transition from VDA to EDIFACT
  • Conversion of> > 40,000 data sets per month



Data format



  • OFTP2

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