As logistics specialists, we went for Lobster_data because of its ability to convert the most niche international formats with ease.

Kay Krauth, Board Member, Fenthols


Germany’s leading logistics company Fenthols now uses Lobster_data as a customisable solution for facing data integration challenges head-on.

One of the company’s biggest problems was the strict formatting and data integration requirements of their key accounts. Their previous EDI solution wasn’t able to meet these benchmarks, which meant the logistics firm was having to outsource its integration to an external IT service provider – which not only made it impossible to manage processes e2e, it was also expensive.

With Lobster_data, Fenthols’ internal ERP can now communicate seamlessly with external systems regardless of the required format. In addition, our middleware ensures rapid convertibility thanks to over 4,000 interface templates for ERP systems, along with the availability of all common data exchange protocols and a no-code approach.

Our solution met the requirements to great success and included connections to MySQL, data formats such as XML and protocols such as OFTP, FTP, X.400 and email

  • One of the largest logistics firms in Germany
  • 39 locations in Germany
  • 370,000 sq m storage capacity
  • 3,200 employees (Raben Group)
  • Key accounts with specific data formats and integrations
  • Existing EDI solution not catered to growing, customer-specific requirements
  • E2E management of in-house data not possible
  • additional costs due to outsourced integration processes
  • Agnostic communication between ERP and external system – even for niche data formats (direct processing of orders, ability to ship documents in any desired format)
  • Rapid conversion process thanks to 4,000 included ERP interface templates with all common data exchange protocols supported
  • Customer-specific formats now flexibly changeable with no code


  • MySQL

Data format

  • XML


  • OFTP
  • X.400
  • e-mail
  • FTP

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