We’ve been using Lobster’s _pim system for some years now to integrate data into our website, web shop and price lists. The solution’s process automation options massively streamline the unique data challenges of our PIM operations.

Simone Eberling,Team Marketing & Communications, Thonet

Thonet believes in Lobster.

As a software provider for data integration, process automation and product information management, Lobster was perfectly positioned to help Thonet digitalise its product communication. The furniture manufacturer for the residential and public sectors wanted to take on the complex task of upgrading its product information management system. This was a particularly challenging task as the final solution had to accommodate numerous types of configuration and still be structured and customer-friendly whilst also shifting the catalogues and price lists creation process from manual to digital. Lobster_pim was the obvious choice, as it allows for catalogues and price lists to be designed and output automatically in six languages. It also integrates all data from the website, online store and Thonet’s price lists as well as establishing a uniform data model with the pCon.ui (OFML) 3D product configurator. In addition, Lobster_pim links up with Typo3, pCon.planner and Adobe IDD. Thonet was so happy with Lobster’s approach, the Lobster PIM team will continue to provide solution-oriented project management for all of the company’s future Lobster_pim projects as well.

  • Furniture manufacturer for the residential and public sectors
  • Internationally-active family-run business
  • > >150 employees
  • Word-based product information and price lists leading to problems when maintaining and updating
  • Complex product data due to the extensive customisability of Thonet pieces
  • Catalogues and price lists created manually
  • Website in need of updating
  • Uniform data model with pCon.ui (OFML) as 3D product configurator
  • Price lists designed and exported automatically
  • Data exported in various languages (DE, EN, NL, ES, FR, IT)
  • Data available for the website and the web shops
  • Solution-oriented support for all/new projects


  • Typ3
  • pCon.planner
  • Adobe IDD – Werk-II Comet-Pro


  • FTP
  • SOAP

Data formats:

  • FTP
  • SQL-DB

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