With Lobster_pim, we now have an efficient hub for controlling our online and print communication channels. Our data has never been more readily available or up to date.

Thomas Meier,
CEO, Lehner Versand AG

Lehner believes in Lobster.

Together with its Lobster_pim team, Lobster helped mail order firm Lehner deliver an exciting project.

The aim was to update 50,000 web shop products in German and French as well as introduce a multi-channel publishing system. Another focus was compiling a wide range of product data for the firm’s print and online channels. At first, this task seemed incredibly complicated as the firm issues more than 20 print catalogues in various languages every year in addition to large-circulation promotional flyers.

Lobster PIM was ready for the challenge. Now, Lehner can centrally process and update all its product information as well as efficiently produce advertising content with database publishing. Integrating Lobster_pim and priint:comet has also allowed the firm to automate the creation of print content. Lehner can now combinine product subgroups, display images and brand logos, adopt pages from previous publications and easily switch between languages. The data integration software Lobster_data (embedded in Lobster_pim) exchanges data in real-time and sends enriched data updates to the web shop. This was an area Lehner was particularly keen to ensure error-free, customer-friendly data management, as 77% of its orders are placed online. As a mail order company with 15,000 product types, around 50,000 products in its range and 9 branches, the Swiss mail order company can now offer its customers seamless integration and an optimised shopping experience. All thanks to Lobster_pim.

  • Mail order firm
  • 15,000 types of product; 50,000 products in overall range
  • Schenkon/Sursee (CH)
  • 9 other branches in Switzerland
  • 300 employees
  • Need to update 50,000 web shop products in German and French
  • No multi-channel publishing
  • Complicated compilation process involving incredibly diverse article data for print and online channels (>20 print catalogues per year, large-circulation promotional flyers)
  • Central processing and updating of product data
  • Efficient production of advertising materials with database publishing
  • Lobster_pim and priint:comet integration for automated print content creation. Product subgroups summaries, image and branding export, carryover of pages from previous advertising media, language switching
  • Via embedded Lobster_data: Real-time data exchange of (SEO-)enriched data to web shop. important for Lehner since 77% of order are submitted online


  • SQL
  • CSV


  • SOAP

Shop Magento:

  • SQL
  • XML
  • Lobster_data
  • FTP


Adobe IDD Werk-II Comet

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