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Webinar 14.04.2021

Title: Lobster_pro: Added value for partners and their customers.
Speaker: Holger Klöß (Managing Director Lobster PRO GmbH)

Date/Time: 14.04.2021 | 10:00am – 11:00 am (CET)
Language: English


Creating value together. Optimising processes. Securing competitive advantages. As a service provider in the shipping and transport sector, the PWL Group has to navigate a number of challenges. Whether it’s transporting containers, isolated transport solutions or project-centric business, the integration of numerous participants, systems and process steps is paramount. To make this happen, PWL turned to Lobster_pro for integration support and HEC GmbH as an implementation partner to realise the project. But what makes the collaboration between the three companies so seamless? And what was achieved during this project? Join the webinar to find out.

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    Who is Lobster?

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    What do we offer?

    enables the safe and comprehensible transfer of business-relevant data between diverse systems and platforms, both within a company (EAI – Enterprise Application Integration) and in an effortless connection (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange) to external partner-companies, such as service providers, suppliers and clients. Moreover, business data can be converted, manipulated and enriched into structured, editable data in a graphic user interface. Simply, safely and flexibly. Without any programming.





    enables processes in the operational business to be brought together digitally in a dedicated web portal. The aim: to provide a real overview and facilitate optimal control of the processes, irrespective of the systems involved. Lobster_scm links historical data islands to make it easier to find the right information. All business processes are represented and orchestrated in full without any media disruptions. That’s digitalisation.






    allows all company-wide product information to be made accessible via a central integration platform. Sales, marketing, support, webshops and external business partners all tap into the same up-to-date product data, no matter where they are in the world. Now that’s seamless product communication.