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Webinar 03.12.2020

Title: GS1 GDSN integration for virksomheder i detailbranchen i Danmark
Speaker: Martin Bjorheim

Date/Time: 03.12.2020 | 09:00 am – 10:00 am (CET)
Language: Danish


Vi er stolte over at kunne bringe nyheden omkring Lobsters nye partnerskab med GS1 i Danmark. I dette webinar vil GS1 & Lobster tale om GDSN Tradesync, standardisering af data og sikring af datakvalitet.

Short introduction of GS1
What is GDSN?
GDSN Tradesync

  • How GDSN Tradesync is embedded in the Danish Retail Industry
  • Data Quality & Images

Customer case:

  • How to setup integrations to GDSN Tradesync?
  • What are the benefits from using GDSN Tradesync integrated via Lobster_data?


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