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Menrad Optik

Keeping the perspective – Lobster connects opticians to the manufacturer of spectacle frames

Family-owned by the fourth generation, MENRAD the vision has been active in eyewear frames for more than 100 years. The frames and sunglasses from the brand portfolio are sold in over 100 countries. MENRAD is one of the leading German companies in this industry.

technical requirements

  • OPTO11
  • OPTO33
  • LOOK4
  • FORSA Standard
  • EDI
  • ERP

Orders are received by MENRAD in different data formats. For example, French customers often use the OPTO11 and OPTO33 standards, and German LOOK4 or FORSA standards. In addition, there are countless in-house formats that differ from opticians to opticians. In order for the IT system at MENRAD to process the orders, it first has to convert the individual formats. In the past, a separate interface was programmed manually for each customer; today, this is done by the lobster_data data integration software from Lobster. Thus, the order process runs automatically from receipt of order to invoicing.