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Smooth communication across national borders

GILDEMEISTER is a subsidiary of DMG MORI and has a leading position as a manufacturer of metal cutting machine tools worldwide. It offers innovative high-tech machines, services as well as software and energy solutions.

technical requirements

  • EDI
  • XML
  • SFTP
  • CSV

The Japanese-German business partners Gildemeister and Mori Seiki are both active in the machine tool industry and cooperate closely on the international market. Your IT systems exchange countless documents every day. For example, Gildemeister sends an order for a replacement part delivery to his partner, Mori Seiki sends back the order confirmation and article master data. At the same time, companies are comparing inventory data and transport status. The entire process is fully automatic, although German and Japanese systems usually work with different formats. The Lobster_data makes this possible. Through an EDI interface, the data management software transforms them, ensuring that Mori Seiki and Gildemeister can communicate effortlessly.