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Lobster Logistics Cloud – Lobster’s brand-new portal

Transparent. Multimodal. Automated.

This is exactly where Lobster comes in. The manufacturer of standardised software packages for data and system integration, operational processes and digitalisation is now positioning itself as a portal provider for logistics data. Cue: Logistics Cloud.

Cloud. Clever. Community.

Lobster’s Logistics Cloud (www.lobster-world.com/en/log) is being introduced to the market as a neutral platform with low barriers to entry, aimed at shippers, forwarders, carriers, customs as well as third parties – made by the industry for the industry. The platform acts as a global, multimodal solution for exchanging transport data between all supply chain participants enabling maximum transparency and automation. Across companies. With improved transparency. In real time.

Logistics Cloud builds on existing interfaces and enhances them with cloud-based data of the highest quality. Tracing and documenting included. In addition, the platform also uses APIs for transmission, offers new channels for additional data and allows for hassle-free connecting of data-centric technologies such as IoT tracking or block chain services. Expanding on this foundation, Logistics Cloud also includes a marketplace for third-party services: apps, cargo insurance, predictive analysis, risk analysis, regulatory compliance checks. A logistical ecosystem. Making the complicated uncomplicated.

Joining the portal is easy, thanks to a simple, scalable subscription-based approach that comes with a “try before you buy” option, where the Logistics Cloud can be trialled without the need to commit to long contract periods. “Our neutral platform is able to facilitate the everyday operations of small and medium-sized businesses but is also great for larger companies with complex supply chain tasks”, says Rolf Henrich, MD of Lobster Logistics Cloud GmbH, before adding: “We are pleased that our customers are working so successfully with the help of our solutions and that demand for affordable pay-as-you-go solutions is growing.” This surge in interest is not surprising if one considers that the Lobster Cloud offers an all-in-one solution of the highest standard.