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Supply chain management. Digitalisation. Business Process Automation. Lobster_scm can do so much more now. Therefore we have adapted the name accordingly. And appear as Lobster PRO in a new outfit.

Lobster Logistics Cloud – Lobster’s brand-new portal

Data inconsistency, intransparency and inefficiency were yesterday! With its new platform Logistics Cloud, Lobster, as a manufacturer of standard software for data and system integration as well as for operative processes, is now also positioning itself as a portal provider for data exchange in the ...

Met Lobster_data houd je de controle over de integraties binnen jouw bedrijf

10 vragen over Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Voor elke organisatie die overweegt Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in hun bedrijfsprocessen te integreren, heeft Lobster de tien belangrijkste vragen met de bijbehorende antwoorden overzichtelijk op een rijtje gezet.

German growth icon launches in Denmark

IT and data integration must have a more prominent role and more people and departments should be involved in data integration. With seasoning from more than 1300 customers, German Lobster has created a software-'bisque', that grants businesses competitive advantages and security. Lisbeth Blom has t...