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The right access

The GARTNER group of companies is the leading private transport company in Austria. It has been existing for over 90 years and is 100% family owned. The GARTNER Group employs approximately 2,650 people throughout Europe at its headquarters in Austria as well as in branch offices, subsidiaries and cooperation partners in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain, France, Belgium, Greece and the Czech Republic.

The annoying search for documents has an end for the customer of Gartner KG: Each delivery receipt and each invoice will be stored in the right place in the future and can be accessed online around the clock. A track & trace system informs in real time where the goods are and lost documents can be reprinted at any time. This is made possible thanks to the Lobster_scm software – a web-based logistics portal that allows Gartner customer to retrieve and download their data regardless of their location.