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Our sales close enough to touch

Matthias Oswald, since when and where do you work in sales?

I’ve been at Lobster since 2011 and support _data sales. In addition to advising clients throughout Bavaria and Austria, I also distribute the software via Teamviewer sessions. I am very happy to be asked about the topics web services and questions about interfaces.

What feedback do you get from customers?

Many are excited that I do not appear in suit for on-site appointments. In addition, I always get positive feedback that I have a very humane appearance and also keep things that I promise. Being able to respond to the needs of our customers in an individual way is always credited to me. And not to forget: many are happy about my Bavarian dialec

Which customer appointment did you remember most?

I had an appointment with an automotive customer, where six people were waiting for me. Unfortunately, I was a little too late and had to give it a little more gas. Well, what can I say, the driver’s license was gone for a month, but I had the customer’s signature in my pocket.

Sometimes it just goes faster, if someone advises: Why not arrange a personal appointment to Lobster_data with Matthias: https://www.lobster-world.com/lobster-data/ or just call +49 8157 590 99-0