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Digitization – Where are the biggest changes in companies necessary?

Changes for the own enterprise are seen particularly in the area of ​​new technologies, followed by the cloud technology, as well as the role of the artificial intelligence. This includes the major topics of IoT and Industry 4.0. Martin Fischer, managing director of an innovative IT company, sees himself confirmed by the results of the study. New technologies, such as B. HTML 5-based software solutions with responsive design are already being offered by the company as one of the first data management software vendors today. Along with this comes the question of where in the next three years the greatest activities are needed: where do companies have to rethink and act?

The biggest change is seen by the CIOs in the digital networking of systems. More than half (57 percent) cite this topic, followed by cloud solutions, which 56 percent of respondents consider Herculean task. The infrastructure also has to be worked on, with 39 per cent of the answers being more frequently mentioned than the adaptation of the business model, which accounts for 29 per cent of the answers (multiple answers were possible).

The networking of digital systems is the topic in the IT sector.


Martin Fischer, knows that data integration is a challenge for many companies and companies for many IT and specialist employees: “That’s why we offer Lobster_data, a data-integration software that does not require programming.” And that’s the simplicity it has Company has become one of the leading providers of data integration solutions.