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Ready-to-use data – with Lobster_data, the cream cheese arrives on time to the consumer

The family business founded in 1909 is one of the most important private dairy companies in Germany. For its cream cheese, quark and cheese specialties, which are marketed under such well-known brand names as Exquisa and miree, Karwendel, with its approximately 400 employees, processes more than 180 million liters of milk each year and sells these to around 25 countries.

Electronically controlled supply chains are already challenging as a pure communication process. It will be exciting if each communication requires its own translation into another data format. The Karwendel Group, the retail chain and the logistics service providers each work with different file formats. INVOIC IDocs must be converted to Edifact INVOIC formats; inbound Edifact ORDERS again in IDoc ORDERS05 and this on to DOC / SHIPMENT documents etc. The Karwendel Group chose Lobster_data as a powerful and secure GS1-compliant converter, which simplifies the connection to retailers such as REWE, Lidl or Kaufland and which can be adapted to changing needs in a very short time without any programming knowledge.

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