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Karl Hess


The easy way to OFTP2

Karl Hess GmbHa & Co. KG is an innovative system supplier for plastics technology. More than 400 employees plan, develop and produce technical solutions made of plastic for well-known companies from a wide variety of industries such as the automotive, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, household products and electrical industries.

technical requirements

  • OFTP2
  • EDI
  • ERP system ABAS
  • OFTP

VW, Audi, BMW – they all demand it: the transmission protocol OFTP2. To stay competitive, suppliers must create an interface. Only then can they continue to transmit electronic data via EDI. Plastic specialist and supplier Karl Hess effortlessly integrates OFTP2 formats into his ERP system ABAS with Lobster_data. The data exchange is transparent and adaptable at any time.
When Karl Hess receives or sends documents from his customers, they must arrive in the system without errors; both in the customer’s own and in the customer’s. Often, however, ERP systems are not compatible with each other. In this case, credit transfers, delivery or dispatch call-offs can only be transmitted automatically with the help of EDI software. In March 2015 Lobster_data converted more than 40,000 data records for Karl Hess.
The EDI software also functions as a kind of control transmitter for Karl Hess. It covers the entire monitoring and thus makes the company very flexible.