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Industrie Logistik Linz


Lobster software integrates customer-specific formats at the Industrie Logistik Linz (ILL)

The Industrie-Logistik-Linz GmbH & Co. KG (ILL) was founded in October 1993 and is a full service provider for logistics with a focus on industrial logistics. 250 employees work at the headquarters in Linz, at the branch in Steyr and the wholly-owned subsidiary, Industrie-Logistiek-Nederland B.V. and the ILR Logistica Romania S.R.L.

technical requirements

  • EDI
  • Java AP module
  • OFTP
  • OFTP2
  • TCP / IP
  • VDA
  • CSV

ILL serves international clients from various industries; The steel industry is just as important as the automotive, engineering and trade sectors, as well as the chemical industry. The company exchanges data with its clients electronically, in other words via EDI. Some of them do not operate with standard formats but with individual formats that the logistics provider’s system initially does not recognize. Therefore, Lobster_data as middleware handles the translation of the information before the data can be processed automatically. Thanks to Lobster_data, all of ILL’s own developments are stored on a central platform, and profiles can be monitored around the clock. This is important so that the overview is not lost in the large number of customers from different industries. The software takes over 80% of the necessary interface documentation. Each step is automatically saved.