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The semiconductor expert feels safe thanks to Lobster

Less CO2, electromobility and autonomous driving – buzzwords that are increasingly on everyone’s lips. Elmos has been dealing with these future trends and above all innovations for over 30 years. The company manufactures and sells semiconductors and sensors that make mobility more energy efficient, comfortable and safer. Accordingly, one of the main buyers is predominantly the automotive industry. Elmos’ components measure, communicate, regulate and control the safety, comfort, drive and network functions.

Semiconductor expert for the automotive industry ELMOS places the highest demands in terms of IT security, which Lobster_data fulfills through DMZ operation and the strictest security settings. The EAI software also scored points in the connection of SAP and Oracle databases by implementing demanding requirements: for example, in the implementation of VDA and DELFOR despite different structuring of packaging and items, and retrieval of data from Oracle with up to seven interdependent ones Querying or reading data from SAP, writing to Oracle and triggering the processing of orders by calling a stored procedure.

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