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Lobster, the Data Turntable for Shoes

One could not imagine the pedestrian precincts without the Deichmann chain stores. Worldwide, the company operates over 3,000 shops in 23 countries – from Germany – across Spain to Turkey.

Success with shoes and fast data. The shoe commerce company Deichmann utilises an EDI-Software as a central data turntable, in order to exchange data within the company and with external partners. To ensure that all these locations are supplied with goods and services, substantial internal as well as and external data interchange is required. This starts with the electronic assignment of all suppliers and continues with the steering of the logistics chain up to the electronic feedback to the suppliers via the sales. Deichmann‘s merchandise management system thus collects, consolidates and distributes the different information. Due to the multitude of locations, it regularly sends several thousand messages, merges them and forwards them.

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