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Love goes through the stomach and through Lobster 

Love goes through the stomach. So why not prepare food with love? The manufacturer himself says that DAN Kitchens has become the most popular kitchen in Austria. For over 50 years, the company has been producing tailor-made and individual dream kitchens at Upper Austrian locations. Around 450 employees have made their contribution that DAN can speak from more than 1 million customers. Together with its partners, kitchen studios or the furniture trade, DAN distributes its entry-level kitchens to exclusive designer kitchens.

Technical requirements:

  •     IBM iSeries
  •     EDI
  •     PDF
  •     WebService
  •     XML
  •     SOAP
  •     INVOIC
  •     SQLCron
  •     AS400
  •     SMP
  •     EDIFACT
  •     IDOC


The Austrian furniture specialist DAN-KÜCHEN replaced its existing system with the data management software Lobster_data. Here, Lobster_data runs on the IBM iSeries and handles not only the EDI connection of customers and suppliers but also special tasks. For example, a profile retrieves data from the local database containing order confirmations. From this, a WebService call is generated per line and subsequently searched in a directory for further PDF files, which are also uploaded via WebService as an attachment.


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