Globus Fachmärkte nutzen Lobster_data für digitalisierte Einkaufsprozesse
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Globus Baumarkt

The Globus stores use Lobster_data for digitized purchasing processes

Out of a total of 91 DIY stores, the company is made up of Globus specialist stores. These can be differentiated once again into 83 Globus DIY stores and nine hela professional centers. With several store openings and the purchase of former Max Bahr and Praktiker DIY stores, Globus Baumarkt has developed into a national brand employing over 8,800 people.

Lobster_data is used at Globus specialty stores for EDI applications, ie the electronic data interchange, for specific suppliers and acts as a central server, which coordinates the complete data of the inventory management of all markets and the online shop. The system records the sending of orders, the receipt of the delivery note and the invoice from the supplier, the dispatch of the sales data to the suppliers, who automatically generate an order, as well as the stock levels of the individual markets. Approximately 50 suppliers are handled by Globus Fachmärkte via Lobster_data.

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