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The core competence of ASWO International Service is consumer electronics (CE) and household technology spare parts logistics. The company has 14 million products in its range for around 2.2 million devices from different manufacturers. ASWO focuses exclusively on the supply of spare parts, service and workshop needs in CE & home appliances.

The individual replacement parts are subject to constant price changes. Manufacturers send spreadsheets and checklists with current prices, Lobster_data converts them and automatically moves the information to the target system. This also applies if manufacturers bring new devices to the market and send the lists of spare parts. Lobster_data automatically converts these into internal formats and transfers them to the central ERP database, regardless of whether the files arrive as Excel, CSV or XML. On the output side it looks similar. For example, with Lobster_data, ASWO outputs the data for bank transfers directly from the central database in SEPA format. In addition, the company transfers master data to other FTP servers and outputs invoice data in the EDI file AS2.

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