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With lobster is eaten hot and cooked

ALNO is a German kitchen furniture manufacturer and above all known for its numerous innovations and durable products. The company was founded in 1972. Initially located in Wangen near Göppingen, the production site moved in 1958 to Pfullendorf in Baden-Württemberg. Today, the manufacturer shines with a wealth of design and style variations exquisite kitchens.

technical requirements

  • SAP
  • XML

The world’s second largest kitchen manufacturer uses the data management software from Lobster in many different ways: With Lobster_data, SAP uses EDIFACT to write and read to other systems, integrate various databases, read in and write out internal and external XML schemas, and receive incoming e-mails processed. Larger amounts of data are no problem here – they are simply split during processing by Lobster_data and processed in parallel in order to optimally use the existing hardware.