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Automatic data management – faster than expected

Normalien and round tables: These are the two divisions of the founded in 1958 FIBRO GmbH. The company is the market leader in toolmaking in the field of standard parts and thus supplies international toolmakers as a full-line supplier. The range of rotary tables consists of more than 150 different models of cutting and automation tables for plant and machine construction.

Fibro is one of the international market leaders for standard parts, rotary tables and automation and uses Lobster_data to automate various processes around its ERP PSI-Penta. For example, orders from the order platform are played by XML in PSI-Penta, whereby the data management software checks the articles and inserts appropriate instructions for the clerks in the order in case of error. Also offers and orders from the sales department are played directly into the ERP with Lobster_data from Excel.

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