Together, Lobster_pro and Lobster_data create a central solution that complements our intricate system structure. Managing the data interchange between internal and external systems allows us to map workflows, input forms and tracking statuses.

Josef Streule,Head of IT application development, Sieber Transport AG


As a logistics service provider for customisable shipping solutions by land, water and air, Sieber Transport specialises in one-stop-shop solutions for the manufacturing and trade industry, on a national and international level. The family-run business has over 40 years of experience in the logistics industry and is a well-known brand.

Nevertheless, prior to choosing Lobster, the company was facing a range of challenges. Numerous different end systems, data formats and interfaces were making their processes far too complex. Internally, there were calls for more transparency and real-time tracking.

To solve these issues, we suggested Sieber Transport go with Lobster_pro, our process automation software. With the help of the tool, the company’s logistics processes were rapidly optimised: from managing air freight shipments at the airport to goods acceptance, organising the warehouse, commissioning and ground handling.

Barcode scanners share information, allowing for workflow monitoring and consignment management with real-time access to shipping statuses. Process participants can access information from acceptance to delivery with role-based access control. A customer portal has also been set up to include all relevant process-wide information with 24/7 availability. Temporary guest access means the Lobster_pro   now incorporates Sieber’s end customers, who can track their consignments, make appointments and feed back on the quality of the services with a star rating system

  • Logistics service provider for customer-centric national and international shipping solutions by land, water and air
  • One stop shop for industry and trade companies
  • Family-run business for over 40 years
  • Countless different end systems, data formats and interfaces
  • The resulting heterogeneity creates complicated process
  • Growing in-house need to prioritise transparency and real-time tracking
  • Management of airfreight shipments at airports (goods acceptance, warehouse, commissioning, ground handling)
  • Creation of documents and labels with barcode upon goods receipt
  • E2E workflow tracing with barcode scanners
  • Excellent availability of all manner of data such as shipping status and shipping management from receipt to delivery
  • Customer portal with all relevant information on the entire process available 24/7
  • Temporary guest access for Sieber end customers to track consignments, make appointments and rate the quality of the service using a star system

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