We are now able to offer our customers great services at affordable prices. We can basically say: send us what you have, Lobster_data will sort it quickly, transparently and reliably.

Bruno Hesseling,Head of IT, PVS


As an innovative software provider for digital transformation, Lobster helped the clearing agency for private practices, hospitals and laboratories, PVS, successfully implement the data integration solution Lobster_data, improving the customer experience of 10,000 PVS customers in the process.

With 7.6 million transactions processed annually, PVS was struggling under the combined weight of inefficient day-to-day business processes, error-prone practices for manually inputting patient data, staff bottlenecks due to a shortage of skilled employees with experience in similar systems (PERL programming language), strict healthcare format restrictions and interface requirements that were not IT-based but were prescribed by committees and associations.

The Lobster_data software offered PVS a range of benefits: from fast, error-free invoice processing as a cost and competitive advantage to seamless data management despite strict healthcare regulations to the ability to expand its team with non-IT employees thanks to configurable, drag-&-drop interfaces. With Lobster, setting up and handling entire process chains is easy. There is no need for splitting processes into sub-steps and a standardised checks quickly locate incorrect data entries.

  • Clearing agency for private practices, laboratories and hospitals
  • HQ and four large offices
  • Processing of 1.6 million processes annually
  • 740 employees
  • 10,000 customers
  • Diificult data capture from handwritten patient records
  • Staff shortages due to required programming knowledge (programming language PERL)
  • Strict healthcare data protection requirements limiting integration
    of data formats
  • Interface requirements not IT-driven but
    decided by committees and associations
  • Cost benefits and competitive advantage through
    rapid and error-free processing of all invoices
  • Seamless data management despite
    strict regulations of healthcare sector
  • Expansion of staffing database thanks to drag & drop capabilities
    when implementing interfaces
  • Development and execution of entire process chains
    without prior segmentation into subsets
  • Standardised checks for detecting incorrect data entries,
    indicating the section to be corrected


  • Oracle-DB

Data formats

  • Fixed Record
  • Excel
  • XML

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