Lobster_pro makes sure that all process participants receive the data objects in their chosen format. The flexibility and reliability of the software is very impressive.

Heinz Peter Beste, CEO, Koch International


As a digital transformation software provider, Lobster was able to help Koch International resolve a number of roadblocks in its digitalisation journey.

The logistics company’s challenges ranged from not having a contractor portal for acquiring and processing external services combined with limited availability of important data needed to compile transport documents. The company was also still relying on far too many manual data management processes with master data was still being entered by hand and documents were still being scanned in.

The implementation of Lobster_pro generated quite some quick wins for Koch. For one, the automated filing and further processing of orders cut processing time by 50%. Then, the error rate in accounting dropped significantly, as invoices were only released when the required receipts became available. Themanual time required per round of invoicing was also reduced from 15 to only 5 minutes, which saved valuable time. In addition, customers were given access to an order entry portal with all sorts of in-depth information (e.g. the loading space required in the vehicle), where also gives customers option of collecting their consignments themselves. Furthermore, Koch was able to take its partners’ technical requirements into account and further optimise their wider collaborations by giving them the option to upload and download transport requests, transmit status messages from a driver app and upload of invoice data.

  • Family-owned business
  • Various collaborations e.g. with Cargo Line
  • 750 employees
  • 380 vehicles, including an in-house fleet of 120, over 500 swap bodies and more than 180 trailers
  • A customer of Lobster since 2008
  • No contractor portal for initiating and handling third-party services
  • Lacking availability of necessary documents and associated checks (e.g. tax ID numbers)
  • Numerous manual data management steps e.g. when entering master data or scanning receipts
  • Error-prone accounting through manual invoice checks and invoice approvals without receipts
  • Around 50% faster processing – cut from 6 to only 3 days – for filing and further processing of orders, replacing manual steps replace by automated workflows: Master data saved and receipts & invoices uploaded by the freight forwarder
  • Significantly reduced error rates for accounting processes, e.g. invoices only automatically approved in case of valid receipt
  • Significantly less manual action needed – cut from 15 mins to just 5 mins
  • Online order entry portal: easy login for scheduling consignment collection for customers including the option to include additional information e.g. required loading space, collection date and time

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