Exporting information from our recipe system and importing it into _pim was a big task technically. But thanks to the project teams at a&f and Lobster PIM as well as a Lobster_data consultant, we mastered the challenge.

Matthias Meyer,
Head of Process Engineering & SAP, Kambly SA Spécialités de Biscuits

Kambly believes in Lobster.

As a leading family-run business making and exporting biscuits from Switzerland, Kambly embarked on its journey towards global success in 1910. The company has over 100 biscuits in its range,

and found itself faced with an incredible volume and variety of product data. In addition, information was stored and maintained decentrally, so export and import were also inefficient.

One of Kambly’s project requirements was to create a central product information management system as a single source of truth to ensure structured, agnostic data maintenance in consideration of customer-specific requirements (e.g. retailer portals) when exporting to different channels.

With Lobster_pim, the company has not only achieved these goals. Thanks to PIM’s structured project delivery in partnership with a&f systems, numerous other benefits were also unlocked such as automatically populating master data pools with data from the _pim system, preventing media-specific contamination of data formatting and ensuring scalability of the _pim solution to cover future use cases as the company’s needs change.

  • Biscuit manufacturer
  • Family-run business since 1910
  • Switzerland’s biggest biscuit maker and exporter
  • HQ & factory in Switzerland
  • > > 100 types of biscuit in its range
  • 650 employees
  • Broad range of product data due to the extensive product range
  • Inefficient processes due to decentral repository e.g. when exporting and importing data and maintaining product information (recipe system, ERP, Word and Excel sheets)
  • Requirement: PIM as the single source of truth for specific requirements under food law and for mapping the product life cycle
  • Requirement: Export to different channels according to customer-specific requirements and retailer master data portals like Xyxle
  • Structured project delivery (in partnership with a&f systems): Creating a PIM/MAM data model >Defining import interfaces >User management > Migration > Export >Delivery of a PIM system as a central data repository
  • Automatic population of master data pools with information from the PIM system
  • Scalable PIM solution for integrating new use cases
  • Agnostic maintenance without media-specific formatting contamination

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