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German growth icon launches in Denmark

Data integration concerns the entire corporation

German Lobster has a simple philosophy – IT should be practical, inspirational and noticeably user-friendly. These are big words when describing complicated data integration. Nonetheless, Lobster has grown substantially in its German domestic market with precisely that philosophy in mind.

Today more than 1300 customers enjoy a Lobster-solution. The customers are both small agile web-shops and more large players in logistics and retail. The common denominator being a need for flexible Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Data integration is the competitiveness indicator

Regional Manager for Lobster Nordics, Lisbeth Blom: ”I am ready to serve up Lobster data integration to Nordic companies: Our software supports protocols and dataformats like EDIFACT, VDA, csv, XML, web, Industry 4.0. With Lobster, customers’ orders goes directly into the company’s dataflow; from ERP to webshop, all the way to distribution.”

“I have worked in the IT-business for more than 15 years. We need to involve colleagues in sales, marketing and distribution. That’s the key in making digital strategy operational. The simplest way to that is to identify manual processes with your colleagues and then digitalize them.” opines Lisbeth Blom “Integration of data is key to a company’s success, growth and survival. Customers want their orders and service delivered fast and reliably. IT needs to be simpler and more approachable and enable different branches of the company to handle data integration.”

Low Code wins

Low Code software for data integration unleashes resources. Lobster-data is so simple, that you can save IT-resources and involve more persons and departments in the process. On a day-to-day basis Low Code with its ‚drag&drop‘ solutions are a better and faster opportunity to evolve and adapt data integration.

“The ambition for Lobste-data is to release resources internally. We have over 10.000 templates and industry standards incorporated directly into the solution. Meaning, more efficient data integration – and fewer errors,” says Lisbeth Blom and continues:” I see it repeatedly – Low Code is an enormous asset. Those who utilizes it most competently wins the customer battle. Speed and precision is key for competitiveness”

Solid support – a key factor

“The Lobster support-team is situated in proximity to the development department and know the products in and out. I was impressed by that already the first time I experienced Lobster. And I believe it is the key to why more than 99% of our customers reports back their satisfaction and continues with Lobster. And it is also therefore so many recommends us on,” tells Lisbeth Blom, who is excited to presents Lobster to Nordic companies and give them a boost in the essential category of competitiveness.


Facts concerning Lobster Group:

Lobster was founded in Germany in 2002 and operates in Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, France and the Benelux countries, including Denmark and Sweden. More than 150 employees works with the development of integration products at the company’s HQ in Pöcking by Munich. Lobster GmbH offers three software solutions: Lobster_data to data- and systemintegration, Lobster_scm to digitalization and operational process integration and Lobster_pim to product information management.

Lobster has recently launced a Danish website https://www.lobster-world.com/dk and can also be followed on https://www.linkedin.com/company/14019228.

Lobster_data is:

  • One solution to EAI. EDI. MFT. Industry 4.0 and IOT strategy
  • No need for programming and scripting
  • Intuitively HTML5 interface with pull & drop
  • More than 350 functions and call procedures, granting a simplified day-to-day operation
  • Over 10.00 templates and industry standards directly linked to the solution
  • Automatic format recognition
  • Central monitoring


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