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Say goodbye to programming


Lobster is low-code. Lobster is automation. Helping you to manage your resources more effectively. Lobster_data will make your data integration more versatile and faster by taking care of all standardised processes.


Low-code data integration allows you to free up resources where they are stretched thin. With a low-code approach and an improved graphical UI, your business will be able to grow quickly and efficiently using drag & drop components and model-driven processes.


In everyday life, our low-code approach with drag & drop functionalities helps you to better develop and customise data integration. You can achieve more by choosing from our tried-and-tested features. It’s that easy. Less custom coding means fewer tests, fewer adjustments and fewer errors. The result? Faster data integration.



Extensive digitalisation and secure data integration provide the foundation businesses need to meet customer requirements – today and in the future. Automation is a big part of this success story. As we step into an ever-digitalising future, there is less and less time to integrate new formats, include new suppliers and accommodate new security requirements.


The ability to make your suppliers’ new technologies and formats compatible with your company’s existing systems is becoming indispensable. A non-automatic, programming-based approach means allocation of time and resources to keep your data ecosystem up to date. This is precisely why we believe in automation and a low-code approach. With Lobster_data, we want to arm you with all the basic elements. Simply, flexibly and securely. With Lobster_data you can create the exact data flow and integrations you need, giving you the time and energy to focus on your business operations and keeping your company competitive without getting bogged down with the ‘basics’. We’ve taken care of that for you.



  • lower costs and faster turnaround
  • more stable processes and fewer errors – even when integrating new data
  • faster data flow
  • better and more versatile data interchange between partners and suppliers
  • overview and optimisation of operations


With Lobster_data it is now possible to adapt, design and integrate changes quickly and securely.



Allows for the simple, secure and fast transfer of data between different systems and platforms, both within a company (EAI – Enterprise Application Integration) and externally to partners such as customers and suppliers (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange). Simple, secure and versatile. Without programming.



Help us to help you. There’s no denying your supply chain could probably be more efficient and streamlined than it is now. With Lobster_scm, you can now incorporate your business operations into one system.