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Lobster was founded in Germany in 2002, and has since worked with and learned from more than 1,300 customers. Find out more about Lobster’s solutions and services by clicking on any of the four case studies below.


Haribo uses Lobster_data and for all company-wide data integrations. Among other things, Lobster has been used to connect more than 380 different systems at Haribo – a feat which took less than a month.


Lenham is a family-run business specialising in shelf-stable food and FMCG warehousing and distribution. Over the years it has grown to become one of the UK’s leading consolidators in the sector.


W H Malcom
Arguably the UK’s most well-known independent provider of third-party logistics services.  Focused on intermodal solutions, they offer fully integrated road, railwarehousing, and bonded warehousing services throughout the UK with a long-held focus on operational excellence and service quality, creating a considerable following within the industry.


ARLA uses Lobster_data for process optimisation, XML, PDF, EDIFACT and IDOC. Lobster_data integrates orders in EDIFACT format directly to SAP IDOC as well as transmitting delivery notes and invoices to four countries.

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